You’ve Got This Moms!

Let the Distance Learning Begin!

My kids start school today and are 100% distant learning until who knows when. Yesterday we were all in denial. No checking zoom links, no talk of schedules, no excitement over first day of school outfits, just wishing for something different.


But it’s not different. It is what it is. So I rallied them as best I could, sat them down and talked about feelings. Had them think of 3 things that they were excited about or looking forward to with distant learning. “Being with the dog”, “waking up minutes before class”, “not worrying about showering or really getting dressed”, “having lunch with mom every day”…ok, I made that last one up. The point is, they are looking to ME for direction in how to handle this. There are ways we can help to make this ok for them. I’m still planning on their special breakfast and some sort of first day of school picture. Sorry kids, rituals continue.


I want to help YOU make this ok for YOU. Ditch the Covid mask and embrace your oxygen mask!


How will you make it through better than just ok?? I suggest putting on that oxygen mask, filling your tank, prioritizing what makes YOU calm, grounded, centered, happy…however you feel it for you.


Here are some ways I have been supporting myself during this challenging time to make sure I have the patience and energy needed to be as present for my kids as possible:

  • keeping a regular sleep routine every day
  • prioritizing 7-9 hours of sleep every night
  • a consistent morning routine for myself including making my bed, drinking 30 oz. of lemon salt water, writing in my 5-minute journal (focus on gratitude), meditating, reading an inspiring poem from All Along You Were Blooming by Morgan Harper Nichols, choosing an oracle card (I’m going woo-woo for some of you!)…and yes, I do ALL of this EVERY morning and I LOVE it!
  • moving my body daily in ways that make me happy-hiking, yoga, riding my new bike, 7 minutes of HIIT,  going for a swim
  • eating nutrient-dense whole foods that give me stable energy and support my body
  • avoiding sugar, processed foods and alcohol. Yup, I’m avoiding alcohol. It’s not serving me right now. I highly recommend you give it a try. REALLY.
  • taking deep breaths throughout the day and especially before or during a stressful situation
  • listening to calming, motivating music, like any playlist from “selfhealers circle” on spotify
  • scheduling meaningful time with friends who bring me peace, joy, fun…all the good feels. Social distance coffee or hiking is a thing!


If you’re not already doing something to nurture yourself, I encourage you to try some things and stick with the ones that have the biggest impact and most lasting effect on you. Create new rituals and routines for yourself.

You deserve loving kindness from YOU! 


Good luck with day 1, whenever and wherever that may be for you and your kids!