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I have spent over 3 years coaching more than 100 women in nutrition and it has been my passion and gift to motivate and encourage these women to develop to their fullest potential.  Together we have learned that this discovery and true wellness and healing go well beyond the plate. 


BeWhole BeYou is my signature course designed for holistic women looking to embrace midlife with a deeper understanding of who they are under all the conditioning and the narratives that have controlled them for most of their lives. It addresses ALL of you and supports your personal journey to uncovering your best self in mid-life and beyond.


BeWhole BeYou is an opportunity to unlearn who you have become in order to embody the woman you were born to be.


This 12-week group coaching program offers you high-impact, easy-to-implement tools that focus on mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, and spiritual aspects of your busy life. You will be supported by me, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practioner and an Intuitive Body Coach (in training) with 6 personalized one-on-one calls, a weekly group support call, and 12 weeks of self-paced curriculum and integration work to teach you and hold you accountable.


The next 12-week course will begin the week of Septmber 13th. Add your name to the list to be notified of the details and have access to pre-registration on August 23rd.

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BeWhole BeYou has changed women’s lives…


“I never anticipated going as deep as we all did.  The work I did with Aimee was truly life changing.”


“I am my own life partner. BeWhole BeYou allowed me to see this and to give myself the gift of self-love and respect. I now practice boundaries and self-care like never before!”


“Aimee is an intuitive angel. Her knowledge, guidance, and gentle support enabled me to open myself to the possibility of change. I am so grateful!”


“The work I did in BeWhole BeYou trickled over into a deepening of all my relationships-with my partner, my kids, my friends and family. It was a true gift not just for me but for everyone in my life.”


“I felt safe with Aimee and our group to examine my past and present relationship with food, social media, alcohol, and my body. I then was free to choose the relationship that best serves me with all that I consume. I feel liberated!”


“BeWhole BeYou helped me manage my anxiety and has given me options as to how to navigate my world post-Covid. I feel more in control of how I live my life.”


Are you ready to find yourself and live your one most beautiful life? Invest in yourself by joining BeWhole BeYou today!