Farm Fresh Produce Delivered to Your Doorstep!

I am LOVING this new business and service-Farmers Market on Wheels. They are on a mission to help small farmers get their local, chemical-free, seasonal produce right to your doorstep. I have teamed up with them as a functional nutritionist on a mission to help you discover the immense benefits from eating nutrient-dense whole foods. Boost your immune system, help balance blood sugar, maintain a healthy weight, improve your sleep and much, much more by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. BONUS-local produce that doesn’t have to sit in warehouses or get shipped long distances TASTES so much better and maintains its nutritional value more than what you can find at the store. Enjoy all this from the safety and comfort of your own home! No mask required. 

Use code AIMEE5FMOW for $5 off your first order from Farmers Market on Wheels and get free shipping with orders over $40.

Recipe ideas, nutritional information and inspiration coming soon!