About Me

Getting My Health Back on Track

It never occurred to me that I was on a health journey until one day I realized that the digestive issues I was experiencing on a daily basis and had begun to just think of as normal were actually not normal at all. Looking back, it makes more sense. Things were beginning to add up and I wasn’t liking where my path was taking me…so I decided to change my course.


This health journey of mine began in my 20s with a thyroid cancer scare and unexplained infertility. While my 30s brought me three kids (thank you IVF!) they also brought chronic digestive distress, a confirmed diagnosis of endometriosis, increased weight, poor sleep and a general lack of energy. As my 40s were approaching I hit rock bottom with my everyday health when my digestive issues were severe enough that I had to sit out from a family vacation.

My health issues, all those little things that eventually added up, were taking me away from my family and my ability to care for my children. I had been a stay at home mom for 8 years and had been prioritizing my children’s well-being over mine. While this sounds synonymous with motherhood, it was draining me-physically, mentally and emotionally-to a point where I could no longer give what I wanted and needed to give to my family. This was not o.k. I needed to reprioritize. I needed to take care of myself first.


I set out to explore the root causes of my health imbalances and explored acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle changes as a means to healing. I went gluten free and my chronic diarrhea (yes, that was my “digestive distress”…it was just too soon to tell you!) was gone within days! And gluten free was so easy! After all, those with gluten sensitivities like myself had become a target market and I had gluten free waffles, cookies, bread, crackers, cake-you name it-all at my fingertips! After eating my new gluten free favorites for about a year I realized I had packed on some excess weight, I was waking feeling tired and I never had the energy I needed and wanted to face my simple daily responsibilities. Here I was, back again, feeling like crap. I was confronted with another choice-continue eating my familiar gluten free processed, packaged, sugar enhanced “food” and feel like crap-or make another change.


When I got an email to try a 30 day clean eating challenge, “Why not?” I told myself. I had nothing to lose.  After only a few days I felt lighter, was sleeping better, my skin was looking bright and my friends were asking me that coveted question, “Have you lost weight?”. I finished the 30 days 18 pounds lighter (apparently I had a lot to lose!), full of energy and even better, a new found passion to eat real, nutrient dense food and get rid of the boxes and packages of processed junk. This was my new path! I was evolving.


About a year and four 30 day cleanses later, I heard about the Nutritional Therapy Association on a wellness podcast. I researched it online and found myself longing for the time to read all the books on the program’s reading list. I decided to apply to their program. This stay at home mom was getting out and going back to school! I have since earned my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and am committed to helping others who find themselves ready for change, no matter how big or small.

If you find yourself on a path that is taking you where you’d rather not go (lack of energy, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, increased weight, etc.) and you are ready to change your course, I commend you and am here to help. Making the decision to change is the first step on your new path to improved health and wellness. Make the decision to take care of you and you’ll have so much more to give your family and those you love. It’s self-care and it’s essential, not selfish.


Those 3 children that came to me in my 30s are now all in middle school, which means I need even MORE energy for the challenges they are bringing to my daily life! In addition to my passion of developing my practice and helping others reach their health goals,  I love cooking, visiting local farmer’s markets and hiking with my black lab, Rosie.


Rosie on one of our favorite Spring hikes.